NCMM Reload'12 Leadership ConferenceThe National Coalition of Ministries to Men (website), an organization of over 140 ministry members is holding their annual Reload Leadership conference in Ontario, CA on September 17-19, 2012. This is a great opportunity for pastors and leaders of ministry to men to interact with and learn from national leaders. 

Plenary speakers include TC Stallings from the movie Courageous, Pastor Miles McPherson, and Pastor Jack Hayford. In addition to these renown presenters, Reload'12 offers ten workshops covering a variety of topics of interests to leaders of men's ministry. 

BoldPath Founder and President of NCMM, Leary Gates, will be there addressing the group as well as offering a workshop entitled: Do You Have Split-Professionality? - Strategies for the Bi-vocational Leader.

Visit the conference webpage to learn more about the Reload'12 conference, 
Going DeepIf you missed attending 2011 Leading Men Summit with Gordon MacDonald, you missed a terrific time of learning, sharing and Going Deep, the title of Gordon's presentation and latest book.

But while you may have missed out on the experience, you can still take in the information. Through our partnership with Bethel University we have made his materials available to you. You can access the audio pesentation via iTunes. Simply follow these instructions:
    1. Open iTunes on your computer. You must be connected to the internet.
    2. Click on iTunes Store to access the Apple iTunes Store.
    3. In the SEARCH box in the upper right hand corner, type in Bethel University.
    4. Under "Institutions", click on Bethel University.
    5. It will bring up several options. In the second section labelled "What's New",  the second icon from the left is "Church Ministries - Pastor Seminar" with the "Improving Your Impact" logo.  Click on the icon to see the list of recordings.
The accompanying slides can be found here.
GMAC-Summit.JPGOver a hundred leaders from across the state gathered last week with noted pastor, best-selling author, Denver Seminary Chancellor and Leadership Journal editor, Gordon MacDonald. Speaking at the 9th annual Leading Men Summit hosted by BoldPath Life Strategies and Bethel University, MacDonald explored how to foster the creation of deep people within our communities. 

"The first priority of the Christian leader is to assure the continuous training of of people," asserts MacDonald. He describes this process as cultivating deep people. Inspired by the observation of by Richard Foster that "the desparate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people," MacDonald and his wife, Gail, set out to intentionally cultivate deep people within their church. Their experience in personally cultivating Christian leaders inspired his latest book, Going Deep: Becoming a Person of Influence, published just last month by Thomas Nelson.

In his highly interactive presentation MacDonald posited this question: "What if a church decided that its pastor's chief responsibilty was to lead the effort to produce a continuous flow of deep people. Deep people, according to MacDonald, possess the following qualities: loyalty to Jesus, bibically grounded, growing as a "whole-person," healthy personal relationships, wisdom, spiritual gift awareness, inspiring, generous, compassionate, and are self-regulated.

To effectively cultivate these kinds of people, MacDonald suggests the direct involvement of the senior pastor in CDP (Cultivating Deep People) groups. He offered several CDP principles to consider. Chief among them, the effort needs top leadership support. "Don't do this without consulting your elder board," MacDonald advised. It must be given personal high-priority, occupyng as much as 20% of a pastor's time commitment. The group must meet off-site (home based), be team taught, possess "high-bar' covenants among members as a high-priority, have clearly defined starting and ending points, practice engaged dialogue, and vitally important, the participants must be selected, not volunteer, to be a part of the CDP group. MacDonald advises selecting between 12-17 people that exhibit teachability, social interaction skill, leadership skill, faithfulness, spiritual curiosity, be participative and are not "problem-driven." people.

Bethel University will soon post audio from the Summit and the post-Summit session Gordon MacDonald led on his prior work, Who Stole My Church?, where he shared his insights and observations about the future of the church. For now, you can download the PDF of the Summit presentation here.
shaneflashlight.jpgThe movie Courageous is already a success, and it hasn't opened yet. 

On Friday, September 30th, Courageous will open across the country on 1400 screens. As everyone knows, opening weekend is critical in the movie business. A film's ultimate success nearly always depends on a strong first showing. Yet, no matter how many weeks Courageous ultimately runs in the theaters, it's already a success. And it has nothing to do with the film, but everything to do with following a passion. 

Courageous is the fourth release of Sherwood Pictures, a ministry founded nearly ten years ago by Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. Believing that even the small community of Albany could make a difference in the world, the church raised $20,000 to create their first film, Flywheel, which opened in a whopping 3 theaters. Yet, the proceeds and learnings from that film enabled them to make Facing the Giants and after that Fireproof, the latter becoming the highest grossing independent film of 2008 taking in more than $33 million. In my opinion, their latest installment is poised to have an even greater impact. 

While male moviegoers will be inspired to be better dads, the more transcendent message of Courageous is in the belief of a small community in Georgia who trusted God that they could make a difference around the world by going into the moviemaking business. 

The next time you wonder about what kind of difference you can make, think of the creators of Courageous--their passion will be on display this coming weekend and beyond. If you don't think you have the talent, think Courageous--their skill improved with each movie they made. When you think your dream requires more resource than you have, think Courageous--they trusted God in prayer and stepped out in faith to achieve what no other church in the world has done. And all this from little Albany, Georgia. 

Imagine what you can do with the dream God's put inside of you. From your own little Albany, you, too, can put your faith on display for all to see. Start the way they did, ask God to show you His dream for you, then step out in faith and act on it. If you're ripe for that journey, attending a Dream Intensive might be a helpful next step. And for your own inspiration, take in a showing of Courageous this weekend too. 

In what ways does the Sherwood example of faith inspire you?

This post first appeared on Leary's personal blog at
DIDo you have something you wish you could do with your life--an idea you can't shake--but you just can't seem to get started, or know how to? Or, do you feel stuck and find yourself frustrated or dispassionate about your life? If so, I invite you to join me on October 14th and 15th at Cedar Valley Church in Bloomington, MN for the debut of the Dream Intensive workshop. 

For years I've been meeting with people just like you. They know there's a lot more potential in their tank than they're currently releasing; and it bothers them. They know something is holding them back. Fear? Lack of a plan? Little encouragement from others? Maybe all of these. I designed the Dream Intensive to tackle these issues head-on. It's a highly creative and interactive exploratory of the dream God's planted in your heart. It will help you create greater clarity of your dream and how to pursue it--even if you're not aware that you have one. 

This is the workshop that I want to go to for my own dream. Because it's highly participative, the enrollment is limited to 20 people, Christian adult men and women, who want to experience breakthrough in their life. If that sounds appealing to you, I invite you to visit the Dream Intensive website at to learn more. 

I hope to see you on October 14th at the Dream Intensive.
Rough year? Need to get some time away with the Lord?

The men of Zimmerman Evangelical Free Church invite you to join them March 18-20 at the Timber Bay Retreat Center in Onamia, MN for their spring retreat. BoldPath Founder, Leary Gates will be speaking about living an intentional, purposeful life. Live on Purpose explores the four biblical characteristics of a purposeful pursuit. Read Leary's blog post on the retreat and register online at the church website. The cost to attend for the weekend is $100 per guy.
yoder.jpgWes Yoder recently sent all of us men an invitation. We've been invited to a "new conversation" and his new book, Bond of Brothers, kicks it off. Bond of Brothers is a look into the inner questions men ask and invites us into a bold conversation about them (read an excerpt). Wes is the Founder of the Ambassador Agency, the oldest Christian-based talent agency in the US. His firm represents many of the most notable authors and speakers and has provided media representation for 
The Purpose Driven Life and The Shack and other NY Times bestsellers. He has personally appeared on 
NBC Nightly News, ABC's Prime Time, Dateline NBC, CNN Headline News, and the TODAY Show with Ann Curry (watch the interview). Leary Gates reviewed his book (read the review) and conducted this interview with him for the BoldMan Chronicles.

BoB.jpgBond of Brothers is must read for the Bold Man. In it Wes Yoder weaves together conversations he has shared with men over the past five years; conversations on a range of intimate questions that are not always easy for men to discuss. The book serves nicely as a conversational fire-starter, first to stimulate your own thinking, then to share your thoughts with others. Read it to jump start your own conversational journey with your wife or your men's group. 

For more information, read Leary's review of Bond of Brothers and read the the BoldMan Chronicles interview with author Wes Yoder.

"Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."  1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)

Depending on where you live and your personal experiences, crime is a constant threat against which we need to be on alert - vigilant. Yet sometimes we are not alert to a more subtle form of attack - one that often goes undetected until its effects begin to be noticed.  It is possible to lose something without being aware of it for a period of time.
If you want to engage the men in your church in discipleship and service, you don't want to miss this year's Leading Men Summit at Bethel University on November 11th. For the last seven years leaders from around the state have been gathering to share ideas and gain insights for inspiring growth and action among the men you serve. 

This year, Vince D'Acchioli, Founder of On Target Ministries, will present a strategic action plan for re-engaging the men of your church. Vince has shared the principles of that action plan, Grow Your Men, Grow Your Church with thousands of pastors nationwide. You and your leadership team will benefit from the insights Vince and other leaders will be bringing on November 11th.

Leary Gates, Founder of BoldPath Life Strategies, recently spoke with Vince via video conference. Take a look below and visit the Summit website for more info and to register.

Take advantage of the early registration discount when you register by October 31st.

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